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What do I include in my product description?
A comprehensive and well-organized product description will help more people find your product and generate more sales. 

Use the following questions to develop your product description.

What problem does your product solve? Identify the purpose of your product. Describe the struggles that would be experienced without it. Share what prompted you to create this product.

Who’s the ideal customer? Knowing who your product is for is foundational to writing a good description. While it might not be necessary to explicitly state “this resource is for…”, your intended user should be clear from the information provided.

When is the product best used? Is your resource generally best for large groups or individual sessions. Highlight the ideal scenarios for when a customer should use your product.

What makes your product special? Think about the unique benefits of your product and why it’s better than that of your competitors.

What are the specific features that distinguish it? Elaborate on the unique elements of your resource. Describe even the tiniest details. Contrast your resource with existing or less tailored options.

What do customers gain from your product? Paint a vivid picture of the advantages of your product. Think about how your customers will feel after using your resource. Tell them about it!

What are your product’s basic features? Write out any details such as page titles, number of recipes, sections, topics covered, script and other characteristics. Think about describing your resource to someone that is blindfolded. List any specific skills, software programs, subscriptions needed to use the product.
  • Share your knowledge about your product and area of expertise.
  • Tell stories and explain even the tiniest details.
  • Make an effort not to be boring and instead delight your store visitors with enticing descriptions.
  • Most of all, write with enthusiasm, because your passion for your products is contagious.

Product Description Sample Outline:

Headline (optional) – attention grabbing statement that captures interest of your ideal customer
Summary (short paragraph) – overall statement about your product. Include a brief description to introduce your resource. Share the reason it exists. Indicate the intended user.
  • Where/how will customer use the product?
  • When is this product best used?
  • Why does customer need this product?
Tell a story (optional): Share details about:
  • What inspired creating this product?
  • Did you overcome any obstacles to develop this product?
  • How did you test your product or validate it?
Features (benefits) what should customer expect from this product and how is it different (or better) than other resources?
  • State a customer pain point and how it addresses
  • Describe a unique feature and how it benefits customer
  • Point out a gap in existing resources and how you’ve addressed
Specifications (objective details):
  • Number of pages
  • Sections of the resource
  • Titles of handouts

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