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What criteria are used to evaluate submissions?
Products that you add to your store on RD2RD will be reviewed prior to publishing. 
The review process ensures that resources on the marketplace are the highest quality products we can make available to our consumers. 

The following elements are evaluated: 
  • Comprehensive product description
  • Visually appealing featured image
  • Product file contains content as described

1. The product description is reviewed for completeness:
  • Intended user is clearly stated (Who is this resource for?)
  • Problem that your resource solves is stated (What are gaps/issues with existing resources? How does your product address them?)
  • Benefits of your resource are outlined (What can customers expect to achieve with your resource?)
  • Key features are highlighted within the description (Provide objective details about your resource)
  • Includes content previews (Images of pages/slides from your resource)

2. The Featured image that accompanies your listing is reviewed for correct size and inclusion or content preview, where appropriate:
  • Correct size (930 pixels wide by 700 pixels high)
  • Type of product is evident
  • Includes content previews
  • Visually appealing
3. The product file you upload for customers to be sent after purchase will be reviewed to be sure it contains the resource as described/depicted. Note that we do not thoroughly reviewing your actual product as part of this process, rather, the focus will be on your listing and imagery.

When you submit a product for review, the review process will commence, and you can expect to learn one of the following outcomes from the team in 3 business:
  • Approved as-is, no changes requested
  • Returned to you, the vendor, with requests for edits or changes before re-submission
  • Declined (Not approved) – with reason for this decision provided to you, the vendor

If you receive a “submission declined” notice, you will receive communication with details about why your product was not accepted. This message will direct you to specific resources and prepare you to resubmit your product for further review.
Please plan on attending office hours for drop-in support or attend a vendor orientation session to learn more.
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